Cherries for Gout

 Are Cherries Good for Gout

Cherries for Gout

Are cherries good for gout? The benefits of using Cherries For Gout has been known and used for centuries throughout the whole world. Cherries, either the whole fruit, cherry juice or cherry extract contains powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins which can lower uric acid in your body and quench the pain from uric acid crystals. This powerful antioxidant is also what is what gives cherries their rich red color. Gout and Cherries should absolutely be your first line of protection and defense from developing painful uric acid crystals and gout pain!


There are lots of types of cherries, and all of them can be beneficial for gout relief. Dark cherries, black cherries and particularly tart cherries have the highest concentration of anthocyanins 1 and 2, which naturally block inflammation causing COX-1 and COX-2 (these cause acidic inflammation in your body.) Cherries are powerful natural medicine that can even stop tumor growth and reverse cancer! There are particular Breast cancer-related benefits of tart cherries as well.

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Tart Cherry vs Black Cherry

What is the difference in using Tart Cherry vs. Black Cherry for health benefits? Tart Cherries contains 3 times the antioxidant levels (Anthocyanins) than Black Cherries. I love both and both are extremely healthy, but for health benefits, Tart Cherries rule the day. It is the type of Cherry Juice and extracts that are used for lowering uric acid leves and preventing gout flare-ups.


It is what you want for gout prevention and to stop one of the causes of gout. The good thing about using tart cherries for gout relief is that they taste wonderful, unlike chemical medicines. This is the one natural medicine you will want to take because it is a natural food. Prevent gout attacks with a great tasting food? You bet! It also is a powerful way to prevent cancer!

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Tart Cherry for Gout

Tart Cherry vs Sweet Cherry for gout? Tart Cherry for Gout is the best type of cherry to use for gout pain relief. It is better than other types of “sweet cherries” because of its natural tartness that quenches the free radicals that cause cancer and lowers high uric acid levels that tend to settle in your extremities and big toe. Most of your tart fruits (like Montmorency Tart Cherries, pictured above) and berries have the most antioxidants and actually taste great too. They are usually less sweet and have less sugars than other fruits, and won't raise your insulin levels or cause diabetes.You can get it as tart cherry juice, extract or concentrate.


Tart cherries are the type of cherry that contains the highest levels of anthocyanins (flavonoids that give them their intense red coloration), giving them antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and chemo-preventative properties. Cherry extracts actively inhibit cancer cell proliferation.” Foods for Breast Cancer. Cherry juice also has an affinity for the joints (a natural remedy for arthritis inflammation like in osteoarthritis and gout specifically) and quenches high acids like uric acid in your joints.

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Benefits of Tart Cherry

What are the Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice or Extract? Tart Cherry Benefits your whole body, but particularly your painful gout symptoms relief. You can eat tart cherries (organic recommended as the pesticides cause acidity in your body) by the handful, or if you don't want the sugars then take a tart cherry supplement (tart cherry extract or tart cherry capsules) and you can get all the benefits of cherries without the sugar or calories. Here is the most common benefits of tart cherry:

  • Lowers Uric Acid in your whole body
  • Powerful Natural Cancer Fighter
  • Protects Your Cells and Organs
  • Protects your brain (lowers risk of stroke)
  • Decreases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
  • Natural Arthritis Remedy
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  • Boosts Your Immune System
  • Helps Relieve Muscle Pain and Cramps
  • Makes Your Body Alkaline
  • Natural Remedy for Insomnia
  • Reduces Excess Belly Fat
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant

If you are living with chronic gout or even acute gout symptoms, then tart cherry extract is exactly what you've been looking for!

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Tart Cherry Extract for Gout

Tart Cherry Extract for Gout breaks up uric acid in your body because of it's alkaline structure, and quenches the free radicals (disease causing molecules.) You can eat organic tart cherries by the handful and rejuvenate your brain and body at the same time. Cherry Extracts are recommended over drinking cherry juice because the juices are pasteurized (extreme heat treated) and that reduces the antioxidants. It also has a lot of sugar that can spike your insulin levels and cause metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes mellitus) if done regularly. The most bang for your buck is by taking natural Tart Cherry Extract instead.


You can get any type of cherry Tart Cherry supplement (extract or tart cherry capsules if you prefer) and it will greatly help stop gout attacks and prevent high uric acid levels in your body.  There are so many benefits of cherries for gout that it is literally a “no-brainer” that cherries and gout go hand in hand. Get the highest potency tart cherry extract you can get and drink it with pure alkaline water for best results. The alkaline water helps balance the acids that cherry juice extract pushes out of your


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Cherry Extract

Tart Cherry Extract breaks up the uric acid because of it's alkaline structure, and quench the free radicals (disease causing agents) by it's specific antioxidant qualities.  You can eat tart cherries by the handful, organic highly recommended as the pesticides actually are acidic and can aggravate gout pain. Cherry juice does have a lot of sugars and it not as effective as eating fresh tart cherries or taking a Tart Cherry Extract instead.


I recommend the extract because you don't get the sugars in cherry juice that can spike your insulin. Also the pasteurization done to cherry juice eliminates a lot of the antioxidant that give you the gout quenching benefits. Tart Cherry extract is preferable to black cherry extract or juice because it has a lot more of the anthocyanin antioxidant and a lot less sugar too. You can even get it pill form if you don't want to mix cherry extract into a beverage.

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Tart Cherry Supplements

What are the Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Supplements? Tart Cherry Capsules are great when you want the most powerful cherry juice concentrate without the added sugars or need to mix it in a drink to use like a cherry extract. It uses the best type of tart cherries called Montmorency Tart Cherries. With all the benefits of tart cherry juice in tablet form (tart cherry capsules or pills) it is easy for you to take and get all the health benefits without any hassle! For more information see Tart Cherry Pills.

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