Natural Treatment for Gout

 treatment for gout 

Natural Treatment for Gout

When you are diagnosed with gout, the usual treatment for gout is with chemical based medicines and surgical procedures. Painful injections are sometimes given to treat a gout attack, but in the long run they do far much more damage than good. You'll discover why choosing a Natural Treatment for Gout is much less risky, and much more effective, and you avoid all the pain and complications of a standard gout treatment.

Natural Treatments for gout work with your body to clear away what has become balanced (uric acid/alkaline) balance in your body so your body heals naturally. It stops the cause of your gout attacks and gout flare ups, rather than just try to chase the symptoms and put band-aids on the gout. Avoiding the triggers of gout can help you until you get your natural balance in order and become gout symptoms free for good.  


Gout Triggers


What Triggers Gout?

What triggers gout? Gout can be triggered by a few different things, but it is usually due to eating an acidic diet high in purine containing foods like red meats, shellfish and drinking alcoholic beverages. Uric acid is produced and it causes painful uric acid crystals to form in your joints. You can also have an infection that ends up in your joints. Here is the standard medical treatment of gout:

  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) ibuprofen, naproxen or indomethacin
  • Prescription Painkillers (Demerol, codeine, hydrocodone or oxycodone) 
  • Colchicine (prescription medication to help with gout attacks)
  • Corticosteroids (usually via an injection)
  • Uric Acid lowering medicines (allopurinol or probenecid) 

All of the above medicines help you deal with the symptoms of gout, but can not reverse it or stop it completely. They have really bad side effects too. You have to be really careful what you eat as it can cause serious kidney and liver damage.


Common side effects of these drugs include diarrhea and nausea, while severe side effects can include allergic reactions, blood in urine or painful urination, joint pain, muscle pain or weakness, and red, swollen, blistered, yellowing or peeling skin. Using a natural treatment for gout helps you avoid the major risks and actually heal long term from gout.

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Causes of Gout

What causes gout? The actual Causes of Gout or Gouty Arthritis, as it is commonly referred to is a condition caused by your body's production of uric acid. It can also be caused by infection or from parasites but high uric acid levels are what cause painful gout crystals to accumulate in your joints and usually your big toe. Certain foods cause your body to produce high levels of uric acid to try and deal with the highly acidic foods you are eating.


Gout can also be caused by an infection (viral or parasitic infection.) You may also have septic arthritis if an infection is causing your gout. If you have chronic gout then I always recommend you take natural anti-microbials like Zeolite so it can rid your body of undiagnosed viruses or infections. Doing a parasite detox can also be very helpful and stop the cause of a lot of unknown symptoms like fatigue, IBS and chronic illnesses.  


Signs of Gout


Symptoms of Gout

What are the signs and symptoms of gout? The main Symptoms of Gout depend on the type of gout you have. It can be either Acute Gout or Chronic Gout Symptoms that you are experiencing. They all start with a red, painful and swollen joint. It will usually affect your big toe of either foot as it is easiest for uric acid crystals to pool there and cause severe pain.


If it is in only one joint it is probably acute gout. If it is affecting more than one joint and you have noticed swollen joints for a while now it is chronic gout. You can see descriptions below of both types of gout and when you need to know to effectively treat your gout pain and get lasting relief.


acute gout symptoms


Acute Gout

When gout symptoms suddenly occur that affect one joint it is called Acute Gout. Acute gout is a painful condition causes severe pain (throbbing or crushing type pain.) Your affected joint will appear read and may look reddish in color due to the uric acid crystals causing painful inflammation. It usually affects your big toe, knee or ankles most.


It is rarely serious but can lead to chronic gout which can become very serious. It is best you treat it as soon as you can and stop it from turning to something much worse. Acute gout treatment is usually done by laying off high purine foods (red meats and alcohol are tops) and taking tart cherry extract and/or natural gout remedy.


chronic gout symptoms


Chronic Gout

Chronic Gout happens when your joints are exposed to constantly high uric acid levels. It is at this point that it starts damaging your joints and causing inflammatory arthritis, even if you don't have the full symptoms yet, the damage is being done. Your toes can become deformed looking and chronic inflammation is going wild in your body.


Chronic Gout pain may cause you to lose motion in the affect joint too, and it may become severely swollen and look really bad. You can treat it naturally by using a combination of following a gout diet (avoiding high purine foods) taking a tart cherry supplement, using gout herbs and even a homeopathic remedy for gout. At this point you need to do all you can to prevent it from causing damage to your whole body.


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High Uric Acid

High Uric Acid Levels are the most common cause of gout. If you have high uric acid in your blood then you need to quickly lower uric acid levels so you an stop the continued damage and get relief. There are some great natural remedies that reduce uric acid levels safely and quickly. High purines in the foods you eat cause your kidneys to get overloaded with excess uric acid. This uric acid settles into your joints as uric acid crystals that cause sharp pain.


The best natural treatment for gout usually starts with cherries or cherry juice. Tart Cherries are the most common natural gout remedy to lower high uric acid to normal levels. Other gout herbs and homeopathy for gout can also help you keep high uric acid levels in a normal healthy range to prevent gout for good. Keeping your body alkaline is a good first step. Gout can also be caused by an infection or intestinal parasites. 


infectious arthritis


Septic Arthritis

Gout and Pseudogout can be caused by a similar type infection to the one the causes Septic Arthritis. Pseudo gout is like gout but instead of uric acid crystals it is affected by calcium pyrophosphate (CPP) crystals in your joint cartilage and then the release of the CPP crystals into your joint synovial fluid. As soon as these CPP crystals are released into your joints, they cause a sudden attack of arthritis, similar to a gout flare up.


For the natural treatment for gout to be successful you have to take care of any underlying infections or parasites because they can be major causes of gout. Having an untreated infection in your body it travels in your bloodstream and can end up in your bones and joints as what happens in septic or infectious arthritis. The treatment is similar and if suspected should be take care of asap as it can spread.



Parasite Cleanse Herbs


Parasitic Infection

The natural treatment for gout treats any infections first as oftentimes when they are cleared up, so is your gout. A common infection with gout can be by parasitic infection in humans. Parasites are another major cause of gout and many other illnesses. They are at the root of cancers and other malignancies as well. Perform a Parasite Detox to get the disease causing parasites living in your body safely and completely out of your body. About 30% of the population have them and don't even know it, but they feel lethargic all the time and have stomach issues and sometimes IBS. See: How to Get Rid of Parasites.


A parasite zapper is a simple, yet very powerful electronic healing technology, also works for many other types of viruses, infections and is good to have on hand for emergencies. It kills viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites by sending them a pulse of 9 volts (uses a standard 9 volt battery) and causes them to flee from your body, and you eliminate them permanently. Use it with a good parasite cleanse (pictured below) for best results. 


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Natural Treatment for Gout Pain

Gout pain can be intense and can even prevent you being able to walk. Prescription anti-inflammatory medicines can help but they also have side effects that can be worse than the gout. They can also be addictive and harm your liver and joints. The natural treatment for gout pain is the safer and more effective way to get rid of your gout pain.


The best natural treatment for gout pain (as well as arthritis, tendonitis or joint pain is a high potency CBD oil. There is nothing that works as well for pain relief. The difference between CBD and prescription pain killers is that it organic CBD oil is the best natural treatment for gout pain because it is actually good for your body and is non-addictive. It is a natural anti-inflammatory that stops the pain signals between your brain and nervous system while you heal. It is also a potent cancer fighter. 


natural treatment for gout


How to Get Rid of Gout

How to Get Rid of Gout. What you need to do it reduce your high uric acid levels, stop any infections and alkalize your body. It's not that difficult but it does take some thought or a simple plan that you follow until your gout symptoms are completely gone. You can get gout relief pretty quickly if you use the natural treatment for gout below:

  • Cherries for Gout (the best natural antioxidant that works specifically for gout)
  • Herbs for Gout like turmeric, ginger and systemic enzymes an help stop the inflammation and give you natural pain relief while you're healing
  • Gout Diet (avoid high purine red meat, shellfish, alcoholic beverages)
  • Kidney Detox – Your kidneys need to be flushed so they can release the uric acid
  • Alkaline Water balances your body's pH level (changes it from unhealthy acidic to healthy alkaline)
  • Homeopathic Remedies for Gout help balance your whole body from the cause for complete symptoms and gout relief

Follow the natural treatment for gout and you can get rid of your gout symptoms for good. And probably a lot of unknown conditions that have been affecting you that didn't even realize but have been sapping your energy and lowering your natural immunity too. 


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